Elie Saab Backstage

Beauty can’t be just skin deep. It has to go all the way down, even where no one will ever see it. (Steve Jobs)

A supermodel walks down a catwalk and we all ooh and aah with wonder, awe, inspiration and admiration. That’s perfectly fine, no question about it but there is more. No matter how super the model, the toned skin will eventually crease but a beautiful heart is capable of shining forever. The brow that holds real beauty would never sag; the superficial, eventually gives way to what is.

I wandered about what Steve Jobs said… his words are universal after all, we’ve heard them again and again but seeing it through his eyes gives them all a whole new meaning. He put this ages old saying in action through his machines which aren’t just beautiful to look at but state of art deep inside too. Ever wondered why any tom, dick and harry couldn’t copy Steve Jobs’ creations? Because it’s not just the surface.

Try to look beyond surface in whatever you do, don’t take this saying literally. Watch with gleaming proud eyes the tons of kindness, thoughtfulness, and mindfulness behind your seemingly insignificant walks down the ramp of life. Watch and you’ll find them in the most silent yet loud corners. You’ll also find everlasting magic.