body shaming in Pakistan

Our society is no different when it comes to body image. The preferred beauty standard is ‘ Lambi, patli aur gori’ ( Thin, tall and fair). In order to fit the desired mold, women and girls in our society endeavor to change everything about their physical appearance. They diet fiercely and douse their skin in fairness creams. We don’t only deal with body shaming but also the added burden of a darker skin tone.

Body Shaming

Body shaming has been a constant battle for women everywhere in the world. We are constantly told we must be thin to find good men, to buy nice clothes and to look presentable enough. The absolute worst part is that this body shaming in most instances is directed from women towards women. Body shaming isn’t only directed to those of us who are a bit on the chubbier side. Even if you’re too thin it becomes a problem. Being too thin warrants snide remarks and uncalled for reasons for why you might be too thin. Being thick welcomes remarks about eating too much. Many women now, thankfully, are embracing their body types and stick to what feels healthy to them! Here are some easy ways to deal with trolls who bring you down.


If someone passes a remark on your weight, set him or her straight. There is no need to stoop to their level, just tell them that what they think about you is their problem not yours. There are plenty of reasons for having a certain body type that have nothing to do with your diet. People suffer from many conditions that affect their weight. To sit there and pass judgment is the past time of people who clearly have nothing better to do.


Men and women who are constantly body shamed for not fitting the trending body type must always remember that it isn’t about you, so don’t internalize it. You do not have to meet the unreal and misconceived body expectations of anyone. If you are healthy then you can be thin or thick, it won’t matter.

Body Shaming


If you are comfortable in your own skin, nothing can hurt you. If you were previously thin and gained weight or vice versa, remember just be comfortable with how you feel. If others see you acting or feeling uncomfortable they will take this as an opportunity to comment on your physical image. The best way to avoid is to embrace your body type.


Friends and family are often at liberty to comment on us without any reservation. Sometimes these comments can hurt even if they are harmless. If you are trying to gain weight or lose weight, for whatever reason, take the time to explain this to a friend or family member. They will understand this and support your journey. The constant phenomenon of women and young girls trying to lose weight rapidly often leads to concern on parts of their family and friends. Its difficult but ultimately better to share your concerns so they are able to help.

Facing Body Shamers


Whether or not you choose to engage with someone who is fat shaming you is entirely up to you. Most people take on body shamers head on but the constant interaction can be very frustrating. Remember the more attention you give a bully, the more they will bully you. The best thing to do is to ignore body shamers. Wear what you fancy, dress how you please and let the small minds talk about it.

You are perfect the way God had carved you, so love yourself and think positive.