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We are all for celebrating your real age and embracing life as it comes. But honestly we are not averse to the idea of ‘preventative measures’ against ageing, if you’re for it we’re cool and if not its your choice. The only thing is, you must be well versed with the processes… and understand the pros and cons completely before jumping into anything.

Admit it or not, at some point while staring at the mirror and noticing a new unfamiliar line, you mayyyyyyy have thought about this… ‘What if…’. So we decided to research Botox (shhhhhh!).

The very word, Botox, makes many run in the opposite direction but for many others it is a perfect solution to age-related wrinkles and fine lines. For people considering Botox as a serious measure; we asked Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir or Dr. OBT [you may remember him from our previous post] to help us answer some really important questions.


Botox actually is a brand name for ‘Botulinum Toxin’. According to research, this toxin is a diluted and less potent form of neurotoxin which means it doesn’t harm the muscle and is safe for use.

Also, know this, Botox is not a filler- it is simply a muscle relaxer and not a substance that plumps the muscle like fillers tend to do. Apart from anti-aging measures, Botox is also effective therapy for temporomandibular joint symptoms (TMJ) and excessive underarm sweating (scientifically known as axillary hyperhidrosis).

Dr. OBT recommends being weary of cheaper Chinese alternatives for this procedure and to always exercise your right to ask your doctor to open the Botox packaging in front of you.


It’s not really that complicated! Any health care professional can administer Botox; however, doctors who specialize in cosmetic procedures will have the most experience.There are many people locally who administer Botox too but Dr OBT strongly recommends having it done by a cosmetic specialist who is certified and holds ample experience.

Beware of people dubbed injection specialists. They could be what the receptionist was promoted to.


A common worry for anyone considering Botox. Your physician must first determine whether Botox is right for you.

Dr OBT says that if you are the perfect candidate for Botox, the process begins with cleaning the skin and application of a numbing gel, no anesthesia is required. The next step is injecting the Botulinum Toxin into the muscle. It can take anywhere from five minutes to fifteen depending on your skin type and the number of places that are being treated.


No, not really! Doctors describe the feeling a pinching of the needle nothing more if done without anesthesia and that too only during the process. Post-procedure pain is not a norm. Let’s just say there is only minor discomfort.

Accordingly to Dr Osman Bashir Tahir, “We use a very small special needle and a numbing gel so there is no pain.”

He says that bruising is common and some people are relatively more prone to it as compared to others. However, he suggests that in order to minimize bruising, avoid blood thinners, like aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E and fish oil supplements before your treatment! And people who drink alcohol must also avoid drinking two weeks before the procedure.


It generally takes three to seven days to take full effect. As Dr. OBT informs us, if too much Botox is injected it can lead to a frozen expression, giving off a plastic look and if the technique is not right that can lead to odd expressions as a result.

However, according to him, Botox is generally very safe and is even FDA approved! The only complication can be an eyelid droop, which gets better in about 2 weeks, and is due to improper technique, something Dr Osman has not seen in his 7yrs of practice. However, a touch-up can be required about 3 days after the procedure, if any asymmetry is noticed or more dosage required, so it is important to follow-up with the doctor.


Botox generally last for 4-5 months. For people who have this procedure done regularly it usually tends to last longer. When asked about body’s immunity to Botox, Dr. OBT says that, “It is extremely rare that the body stops responding to Botox.”


There is no ‘ideal’ age of having this treatment done. People as young as in their 20s to as old as 80s are having this procedure done. Dr OBT suggests that the only difference is the dosage of Botox. Younger people need a lesser dosage as compared to the older ones. It’s really a personal choice but you should go to a doctor who isn’t very injection happy. Do your due diligence properly!


It really depends on what and how much but a session can cost you 25, 000 + depending on who you are going to and what you’re getting done there.


Title Image: Mahnoor Baloch in a scene from Main Houn Shahid Afridi impresses with her eternal youth which is commonly attributed to selective anti ageing treatments.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.