Being a woman is hard work but being a determined woman is a force to reckon with, and I Am Tomorrow is a #WomenForWomen movement that celebrates women from multiple fields to discuss and highlight the totality of their existence in their professions such as media, technology, investment, and life, discover women-led startups, women who are skilled trainers, and recognize them as role-models within the local community.

The Pakistani women are driven, conscious and strong, and with the I Am Tomorrow movement, the idea to bring all women on one grand platform and project their life-long commitment towards their goals through panel discussions and workshops deserve our salutation.

In the multi-city festivals carried out by I Am Tomorrow all across the sphere, women have connected, collaborated and learnt from other women. And to spread the wings of change, they enveloped Pakistan as a part of a global movement with emphasis  on leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship. The event in Lahore was held on March 3 at LUMS and hosted inspirational speakers and the local society for meaningful discussions and how to bring about change with an exchange of ideas with international speakers such as Aurelie Salvaire, who is French by descent, an active trainer, entrepreneur and the founder/curator of TEDx. She was joined by Tamara Robeer from Amsterdam, who is an active participant in the video game industry, a PR and Marketing guru and runs on online academy titled Play Create Celebrate with content on personal growth and business transformation. Interestingly, the panelists were joined with local speakers from our community who also came with an abundance of experience in their respective fields such as Jannat Ali, a transgender rights activist and a women leader, Zara Zaman.

Societies cannot thrive without women, and for that a women needs to be taught and given the rights that she humanly deserves because #WomenRightsAreHumanRights. Women are irreplaceable in some sectors, they are participants in our nation’s development, they are competent, smart and intelligent and it is the responsibility of such organizations and movements that need to ensure that every woman’s voice is heard.

Levis Pakistan was one of the sponsors of I Am Tomorrow and had partnered with them by offering merchandise for the participants. As a company it is integral to support the rights of men and women, and Levis firmly stands with their beliefs when it comes to women empowerment in their company’s culture.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.