Ramzan Kareem, our lovely followers! Going with the spiritual vibe of this holy month, we strongly felt about bringing to you all a truly precious post in the form of some of our most favourite dua’s that you can recite daily! Despite fasting, most of us unable to dedicate all of our time towards Ibadah (thanks to our work and other commitments), this post focuses especially on dua’s that can bless you with maximum sawab in little time.

Read ahead for soul food!

This lovely dua we like to recite right after our Fajr prayers. It takes less than a minute, but weighs heavily in terms of Sawaab. Also, very easy on the tongue to recite throughout the day:


This dua is a tender joy on the lips because it’s a reminder to ourselves and Allah to make our faith stronger. To be recited all the time to strengthen our Imaan.



Truly a huge favourite of ours, is the third Kalima which we like to recite throughout the day, as often as we can. It is also said that reciting it 4 times gives you as much Sawab as that of performing Hajj:

After hitting the bed, this is our last dua for the day. We recite it in hopes of getting all our sins removed as is promised: ones sins will be removed even if they are as much as foam by the sea:

We could not think of compiling this list without including Durood Sharif. It’s one of the only deed that is performed by our Creator and the creation alike! There are surely many, and you can recite whichever one that you personally deem best, but for us, it’s this beautiful one. Also, this blesses you with so much sawab that it takes 70 angels to write it down in 1000 days:

We hope you all make the effort to go through these blessed duas as often as possible, and remember us in your prayers too. May we all be blessed with the best in our lives and beyond!