I feel every girls’ beating heart for a pedicure and how we wish we could go to the salon, but quarantine life’s got us like, meh! So, we decided not to fret and prep a salon-worthy pedicure in the comfort of our home.

You have everything that you need, so we’re going to guide you on some of the basics that you need to get those happy feet.


By the way everything that you need is available at home.

  1. A basin or a small tub
  2. A pumice stone or foot file
  3. Nail kit
  4. Foot cream
  5. A scrub
  6. A foot mask or make your own
  7. Lemon
  8. Glycerin
  9. Ammonia solution
  10. Coffee
  11. Tea whitener
  12. Shampoo
  13. Salt
  14. A towel
  15. Nail polish remover
  16. Nail paint
  17. Toe separator (not necessary)


  • To start with fill the basin or tub with hot water and add a squirt of shampoo, two to three tablespoon of glycerin and ammonia. Also a tablespoon of Epsom salt or plain table salt.
  • For extra luxurious experience add few drops of preferred essential oil. You can choose tea tree oil, chamomile or eucalyptus oil for their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effects respectively.
  • Before you dip in feet scrub the dry skin with a pumice stone or foot file and dip your feet for good 10-15 minutes.


  • Take your feet out lightly dry and use pumice stone again to get rid of any leftover dead skin on heels and balls of your feet.
  • Now add some lemon juice to a spoonful of sugar and scrub the mixture on your feet. Troubled spots may need some extra time.
  • Rinse once done.


  • Now apply a thick mixture of coffee, rose water, and tea whitener with help of a squeezed lemon and leave it on for 10 minutes or till it dries. Scrub it off and rinse.


  • After this, you can go on with the nail business. If you cut your cuticles apply cuticle oil afterward. Trim and shape your nails as you like. The preferred way is to cut these straight and round edges to ditch ingrown nails.
  • Use acetone to remove any previously applied nail polish.
  • Start with a base coat for a new nail color. Apply nail color and finish off with a topcoat. Bring in precision by using a thin paintbrush for application on sides. Use a cotton bud dipped in acetone to remove extra polish from around the nails.
  • Put on a pair of bright or floral sandals and flaunt brand new looking feet.

Remember daily care of your feet has an important role in how your toes look. Always keep these clean and use a heavy moisturizer at night with cotton socks.