Armeena Khan

For us at SiddySays, women empowerment doesn’t only mean speaking out about important issues. It also means translating those words into action. We love Armeena Khan for this exact purpose. The star of Janan fame went to Jordan to help Syrian refugees in an attempt to add her two cents to the global issue.

War torn Syria has suffered unbelievably over more than seven years now. This armed conflict has led to 12 million people being displaced and/or killed. The Syrian crisis is a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law. Therefore, it has been called the worst conflict of our time.

It is a great relief to see that our celebrities are not just talk but also show. Armeena Khan went all the way to Jordan to help out those that are suffering. She has long been known for her interests in humanitarian works. She joined hands with Human Relief Foundation to collect donations. Then she flew all the way to physically help out.

Speaking exclusively to SiddySays, Armeena Khan said, “Living for oneself is simple, living for others, now that is one of the greatest joys of life”.

Speaking on another instance, Armeena Khan mentioned that her philanthropy comes from her mother. Her mother has always encouraged all her kids to help others selflessly. She said, “I started this Syrian journey with my mom’s prayers. It is her dream that I am living right now and her wish that I am fulfilling”.

The star has also shared some exclusive images with us! Have a look below. 


Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.