On the 12th of October, 2017, the city of Lahore witnessed a collaboration between different Health experts to host a blogger’s meet up on an interesting theme that has had some doubts attached to it for some time. GROW HEALTHY PAKISTAN

The goal of this occasion was aimed at eradicating all misreading that goes towards milk available in processed packaging in the markets. The host groups had planned to do so by informing their audience about some specifics, which mainly comprised of milk processing and packaging technology that is particularly designed to keep milk safe and fresh for a longer period of time without any involvement of added preservatives to increase shelf life.

According to all the useful information that was given out during this educating interaction, bloggers were informed that all active members of the Pakistan Dairy Association are involved in taking great measures to maintain the best quality of their product (milk). Furthermore, with the aid of modern labs and up-to-date technology, experts are constantly at work to ensure that standards are not dropped at any stage from the point of collection to the final point of sale. Forever involved in making their clients satisfied, they even offer to be verified by any regulatory authorities any time.

UHT (Long Life Milk) also has the honour of being a regular staple in families’ homes for more than the past 50 years which is a huge feat in itself. Additionally, it is also the world’s most advanced technology that is employed in liquid food processing. Some of the world’s most leading nations such as France, China, Italy and Turkey are just some of the many names that are currently using UHT (Long Life Milk).

All in all, this event was recognised as successful and a highly informative one with its insightful giving away of information regarding standards maintained to provide best-quality milk to the consumers to promote a healthy lifestyle and stronger bones.