When it comes to entertainment and recreational activities in Pakistan, we all are seen complaining. With our national excuse that there are no options for entertainment except dining out. 

We all end up dining at every nook and corner of famous, infamous, good, and bad eateries. Well, that may be true to some extent that our corner of the world lacks easy to approach entertainment, we do not have sports areas or other world-class activity options but have we explored whatever little we have?

I regret saying we do not put an effort to search and support when something unusual is brought forward. Talking about these two resorts in Khanpur how many of you know about these or have visited these? I happened to visit these places two months ago and was reveled at seeing some thrilling sports there.

Khanpur, 40km away from Islamabad, is a part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The dam here is located on Haro river near Potowar plateau.


Here you can indulge in thrilling experiences like zipline, water tubing, cliff diving, and archery plus shooting as well. We thought we had to go to Karachi for this! Jet skiing and Swimming are also among other options. For those not in for an adrenaline rush fishing, trekking, boating, camping, and open-air cinema are the things to do.

Parasailing & Snorkling

Yes yes, you read it right. You can do this in without having to fly across the globe right in your very homeland. Parasailing and snorkeling are being offered at these resorts and its worth a try. So guys grab your bags and get set go.

Events and Birthdays

These resorts also offer to arrange birthday parties and celebrations. With options like celebrating a birthday on a boat makes it quite out of the box idea. I have seen some amazing bridal showers going on here. So that is also one of the options.

Khanpur dam is a great spot for short trips. With options like parasailing, kayaking, and several other water sports it makes quite a non-conventional hangout spot. The food at Mabali and Gandhara resort is also good, fresh, and delicious. You can opt for a stay and enjoy night views as well.

Since these resorts have open space and vast lawns kids can play worry freely. All in all, it’s a good spot to hit any weekend. You will spend less, it is easily approachable compared to northern areas, and yes has some fun activities as well else than eating.


While you are in Khanpur why not visit some nearby archeological sites as well. These include Bhamala Buddhist Temple and Rajon ki Masjid. By the way, Taxila is also an option if you are in to drive a little further.


Khanpur being in the north tends to have good weather round the year. You should carry a light jacket with you though. Avoid going for water sports in winters and do not forget to bring spare clothes in summer