Blogs are a great way of sharing ideas, tips and tricks. Blogs cover a wide range of topics on almost all things imaginable. No matter how peculiar your interest, there is always an audience with blogs. So whether you want to share your skincare rituals or are interested in growing your own saffron, there are others who are doing the same and an audience looking for new information and experiences. So if you already have a blog or plan on starting becoming a blogger, following are some habits that will ensure you keep your audience engaged.


I have started one too many food blogs on a whim, only to feel stumped a week later wondering what to do next. Whereas all the food blogs I follow have one thing in common. Their content flows which means they plan well ahead  about what they would like to do or what direction they would like to take their blog in. Make a calendar for an entire month: assign two days for content development and two days for publishing content. Make sure you give yourself a break in the middle to avoid burning out. Blogs are meant to be fun- so have fun with it.


A good blog will continuously be updated with content and the intended content though largely is the focus of your blog, make sure you add some personal experiences and snippets to connect to your audience. As a blogger you must be ready to write and rewrite drafts. Writing is essential to your blog, the more you write, the better you will be able to write over time.


People reading your blogs may not have time to read long blog posts on a daily basis, so make sure you get to the point quickly. Whereas some posts may require more detail, don’t make a habit out of it. Try to get your point across as briefly as you can.


Using big words doesn’t make you a smart blogger. Remember you will have all sorts of audience so it’s better to use simple language to articulate a point. The simpler and easier to understand your language is, the easier it is to read and follow. It also helps to have a translator option on your page so that you are able to gain readers from all over the world.


It is very important to stick to a calendar when publishing content. Your readers will understand when to look out for new content. Continue to write and publish new content on a regular basis. If you are going on a short break, it is a great idea to publish that piece of news specifying when you will post new content ( upon your return etc).


With the plethora of blogs out there you cant expect to gain an audience overnight. Blogs are hard work and require commitment if you want it to be a success. Make sure that you publish new content regularly and develop new and interesting content. Ask your readers for their comments and suggestions to come up with new topics to write about.


Remember, Internet trolls are like PTI supporters, they are everywhere so don’t be surprised when one trolls your blog. Don’t fret and handle it with grace. Take it on the chin and keep doing what you’re doing.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.