Getting your hair coloured is a big commitment. Before diving into having your hair coloured it is important to see what colours are best suited to your skin tone. If you dye your hair trendy colour, you are most likely to tire of it in a months time. And we all know going back to your original colour is a task and a half.

Whilst some people have the confidence to carry off literally any colour they fancy, others, less bolder prefer to stick to safe tones. If you plan to get your hair coloured remember that after care is essential to keep your hair in good shape. Dyeing your hair causes it to become dry and brittle. Choose a colour you won’t grow tired of and you will keep touch ups to a bare minimum. Here is our simple guide on choosing the best hair colour for you based on your skin undertones. In order to know what colours are best suited for your skin type, you must first determine what your skin tones are. They are divided into the following categories:

Fair Skin with Warm Undertones

If you have light skin, pink undertones to your skin, dark hair and very light jewel toned or very dark eyes, this is your skin tone category. Not all light skinned people tan easily and winter skin tones, despite the fairness of their skin do not tan easy.

For this skin tone, contrast colours look best if they are violet, blue or red based. These colours include darker colours such as brown, black, jet black, violet or blue based blacks and platinum blonde (which is a violet based as well).

Colours you should generally avoid are copper or honey based hair colours. These include many shades of blonde or dirty blonde as well.

Medium Skin with warm Undertones

If you are fair skinned with a more yellow than pink undertones, have brown blonde, or ash brown or blonde, natural hair colour, light eyes which fall on the paler side of the spectrum, then this is your skin tone.

If this is your skin tone, you should opt for violet or green based hair colours. Most blondes or variations of blonde would look good on you. Sharp dark colours will make you look older, so try to avoid them. Any colour that has a copper or orange-red base is something you should religiously avoid. These can make your skin look washed-out.

Olive Skin with Warm Undertones

I believe many Pakistani women fall under this category. As an autumn skin toned person you have olive based skin, even if it is on the paler side. You tan very easily and have eyes in varying shades of brown, these can be very dark brown or a honey-hazel colour. Your skin always has a natural glow (note this is not sweat related given our high summer temperatures). Women who fall under this category are born with naturally dark hair often brown or black.

Colours that have an orange-red base are ones that go best with your skin tone. These include a wide range of colours such as chocolate brown, dirty brown, bronde, auburn, warm browns as well as warm blonde. You can pull of lighter and darker hair and also a combination of the two.

You should avoid violet-based colours such as platinum blonde since they can create a stark unflattering comparison with you olive based skin. Colours with a green or blue base should also be avoided as they can make you look washed out.

Deep Skin with Cool Undertones

If you have dark beige to light to brown skin, with dark eyes and light or dark hair then this is your skin category. You should avoid copper or orange-red based colours. Violet and blue based colours work wonders with your deep complexion. You can pull off anything between a black or platinum blonde. Due to the diversity that your skin tone can bring life to muted colours. So if you fancy going a vibrant purple or a silvery gray, you can pull it off without hesitation.

Deep Skin with Warm Undertones

If you skin is warm to dark beige with warm undertones, then your skin is olive based. You probably have dark eyes and dark hair and tan easily. You should try playing with your natural hair colour in order to enhance your features. Playing with lighter browns and caramels is best suited for you skin tone. You should avoid red and green-based colours. Red-based colours can create disharmony with your skin tone. So mix it up with lighter brown, dirty blondes or go bold with a jewel tones black.