Amna Niazi

After two weeks on being on The Forever Lean Program, that includes a new nutrition regime and having being introduced to daily supplements by my trainer Adnan Farooq I have lost one whole kilo without exercise and only eating right (not less)!

My diet now includes a green smoothie in the morning, 2-3 boiled eggs. For lunch a bowl full of greens and 25gms of protein, Dinner consists of 10 bites of starch, 25gms of protein (Adnan takes you through what you need to be consuming and when to consume according to your weight, lifestyle, habits)

The supplements include the likes of Magnesium, Zinc, Fish Oil, Vitamins (again the supplements are prescribed according to individual requirements, one formula is not for all)

In week three, its time to start exercising, and its not running on the treadmill. Its all strength based training that will build muscle (not beefed up muscle mind you) which will add to my strength and when I eat, the nutrition will contribute to muscle building rather than fat storage!

First 2 sessions of exercise were devoted to making my postures right rather than countless reps. This is where the difference lies in mindless hours in gym and productive minutes exercising.

These are the four basic exercises Adnan has helped me perfect!

Bend Over Row:

1. Bend your knees and lean forward.

2. Pin your shoulder blades together and tighten core.

3. Bring your shoulders down as you lean forward.

4. Grab the weights and bring arms to sides.

5. Lift your arms with elbows bend and keep them in line  (as seen in photograph)


1. Move you hips as far out back as you can and stretch your arms in front.

2. Bend you knees and move down making sure your knees stay behind your toes.

3. As you move down the pressure should be on your heels

4. As you come up slowly lift yourself from the buttocks!

Push Ups:

1. On your exercise matt, make the position of a plank.

2. Make sure your hands are placed directly under your shoulders.

3. The back and hips should be inclines in line and head should be relaxed, tummy should be sucked in.

4. As you move down move your elbows out away from the body. touch your body to the ground and lift up from your arms and shoulders (this is not very easy!)

Shoulder Press:

1. Stand Tall with shoukder blades pressed together.

2. Grand the weights and brig you arms in line with shoulder (as seen in photo)

3. Raise your arms straight up without bending (do this very slowly)

4. Bring your arms back into the starting position.

You can contact Adnan Farooq at, 0322-4164444, 19 CCA DHA PHASE 5

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.