Count on accessories to make an otherwise plain-Jane outfit turn heads! Whether it’s an elegant pearl necklace or a statement ear-cuff that’s gets a big yes even from those hard-to- squeeze-a- compliment-out- of aunties, accessories is a sure short way of styling your outfit to take it from ordinary to winning a thumbs-up from the likes of Blair Waldorf herself!

Today, being the avid fashion-lovers that Team Siddy Says is, we have put together some of our favourite brands whose accessories we absolutely adore! Scroll below to check the list out.

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What’s not to love about a local brand whose exquisite designs – comprising of pearls, semi-precious stones and soaring birds – just capture one’s attention at first glance? Esfir has swiftly made a household name for itself among all accessory-lovers with its extraordinary pieces. This especially holds true for those of us who are always on the lookout for statement jewellery pieces that makes all heads turn in any gathering. ESFIR JEWELS

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