Count on accessories to make an otherwise plain-Jane outfit turn heads! Whether it’s an elegant pearl necklace or a statement ear-cuff that’s gets a big yes even from those hard-to- squeeze-a- compliment-out- of aunties, accessories is a sure short way of styling your outfit to take it from ordinary to winning a thumbs-up from the likes of Blair Waldorf herself!

Today, being the avid fashion-lovers that Team Siddy Says is, we have put together some of our favourite brands whose accessories we absolutely adore! Scroll below to check the list out.

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fit for royalty! Meraki jewels are an epitome of elegance and class as the jewels themselves speak volumes about the place of careful creativity that each piece comes from. Each individual piece is intricately crafted and predominantly leans towards a traditional side of design and cut. Needless to say, we have found our go-to location to get jewels for the never-ending wedding season this year. MERAKI

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