The lockdown measures imposed in a bid to curb the corona virus’s spread brought a shift to the lifestyle and day-to-day routine, resulting in a sea of side effects. Lemon Max has taken a fun take on some of the side effects of lockdown in a light-hearted web series titled ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effects.’ Starring Rabya Kulsoom and Zain Afzal, the short web-series brings so many relatable moments. Here are 5 times the ‘Lock down Ke Side Effects’ Webseries got too relatable for us too!

  1. When Zain talks about the family getting closer to each other and spending quality time together

There is no denying that the lockdown helped us get closer to our family, and we got a chance to spend some amazing time with our elders. Listening to their past stories and eating food together are some more perks of this lockdown. This is another thing that makes the web series a little more relatable for us.

  1. When Rabya shares about how difficult it is to create a balance between personal and work-from-home life

For all those working individuals, this is one of the biggest challenges, no doubt. When working from home, you want to get things done, but some obvious distractions hold you back. Plus, you also have to work ‘for’ home as well, because there is no house help to help you with the household chores.

  1. When Rabya shares about getting interrupted by her child during her meeting with the client

This is another really relatable thing of lockdown—you are in an online meeting, and your kid walks into the room asking for something, or there is some ‘emergency’ situation in the house that requires you to leave the meeting in the middle and check out what’s happening.

  1. When Rabya and Zain are looking at the heap of dishes that needed to be done

One thing that all of us have experienced in this lockdown is the increased number of dishes that need to be done. With no domestic help around, most of us dread the sight of going into the kitchen and seeing a mountain of dishes that need to be washed. But, like Zain and Rabya, we have no other option but do the dishes.

  1. When Zain, Rabya, and their kid are fighting over the internet

Another totally relatable thing in ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effects’ is the fights around the slow internet connection. In this lockdown, broadband connections are pushed to the limit since everyone in the family is relying on them to work, educate, as well as entertain themselves. While the kids in the house have to take online classes, working parents have to attend online meetings, so there are more arguments involving internet issues.

Have you watched this web series yet? Are there any other ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effects’ that you can relate to?

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