This is it, the last post of our Eid Series, something we have tried this year, and you guys have loved, so thanks for all the messages. Since by now your clothes and shoes should be sorted, there is only one thing left that can be done at the absolute last minute, Make Up shopping. While it used to be very hard to find good quality and affordable make up back in the day, with a lack of testers and often not knowing what one is buying, things have changed with make up sections popping up at department stores, and a surge of new make up companies is seen across Pakistan. Make Up City

One such place where you can enjoy the experience of cosmetics shopping is Make Up City. With a presence in all leading malls, make up city is a spacious store dedicated to cosmetics, making the experience a lot of fun. We did a small Video for our shopping spree at make up city, picking things we wanted. Watch and see what we got our hands on….

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.