Make up mistakes

In our quest for finding all the best and the right ways of using and applying makeup, we almost always end up with a flux of people asking us some of the most basic questions. More often than not, these question are a bit scary because ignorance can not only make you look like a clown for an evening but also have detrimental effects on your skin.

We asked Luscious Cosmetics to give us their expert opinion on knowing what to do and what not to do when it comes to makeup. According to Luscious, here are some preventive measures in order to avoid the makeup mistakes we all end up making:

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One of the most common mistake women make is not understanding the make up products they use. Learn as much about a product as you can, starting with reading the label. Any intelligent makeup buff will tell you, reading the labels and ingredients is an important step in buying a makeup product. Do not hurry into buying that foundation. Perhaps, what you need is something that is lighter on the skin? You will never know if you don’t research or know the product.

What is also critical is knowing the differences between the makeup products as well. So it is essential to know how a liquid foundation differs from a mineral one, what is the difference between a concealer and a highlighter? A bronzer, a shimmer or a regular blush?


You now know the difference between a bronzer and a blush. Great! Umm, how do you apply it? Understanding the tools that must be used is also essential. Using a big brush to make a miniature painting will have horrendous results and makeup is no different. We previously did a post on knowing your brushes that might come in handy if you are looking to educate yourself in that particular area.


One of the most common mistakes that most women make, is underestimating the cleansing process both before and after application of makeup. Yes, we said before. Cleaning your skin before is as important as anything else. Use a face wash to cleanse, and moisturise 10-15 minutes before application. Similarly, once you have removed makeup using aloe vera gel, or an appropriate makeup remover be sure to use a face wash and clean your skin to get rid of any residue particles in the pores. Moisturise once again.


Having a signature style is great and we encourage everyone to develop one but to be limited by your signature style is what we are all guilty of especially as we get older. Experiment with makeup application… both with the colours as well as the products. unleash your imagination… There is no harm in using different shades, colors, types etc to see what sets best on you. We once used an lip pencil in lieu of an eyeliner. Worked like a charm.


Perhaps the most common of mistakes, is not knowing when to throw away your makeup products. We understand that makeup costs a hefty amount of money and many women are reluctant to throw it away. However, old makeup is the worst thing for your skin. Some common products and their lifelines are

Mascara: 3 months,  Nail Polish: 1 year,  Sun Screen: 6 months to 1 year,  Face Cream: 6 – 9,  Eyeliner: 1 year,  Blush/Bronzer: 18 months,  Foundation: 12 months,  Makeup Sponges; wash after each use and throw away in 30 days

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Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.