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We hear a lot about going green, having a healthy diet, detoxing, raw life, we opt for these lifestyles to feel good and healthy and sometimes to meet short term goals, but eventually cant sustain the change and give up. Living an organic or healthy lifestyle is not something one can achieve over night, it takes commitment and conviction, however its easier if these habits are inculcated since childhood.

Recently we spoke to model and actress Mehreen Raheal who is a health buff and an organic mom to the core. Having two children she believes that health is a lifestyle and the earlier one starts the better it is. Here is what she told us!

I remember when we were babies we hardly ever had tummy troubles or were ill. Ama introduced us to “pishpash” as our first food ( rice and moong daal  purée )and kept us close to all natural remedies if ever we were down with a cold or any kind of  bug. With my children I have nulled out salt sugar processed oil and processed food! All that can trigger diabetes, high blood pressure and tooth decay. There are occasional binges too, which I call treats as I don’t want them to grow up in a boot camp. Here are some tips that can help bring up happy healthy kids. Mehreen Raheal

  • Try an alternative to fried food, baking! Baked sweet potato chips are healthier and as delicious as French fries!
  • Add desi chicken broth to most of the food that requires water to cook.
  • Do not introduce salt and sugar to their pallettes, try honey instead after they turn one.
  • Give your kids gurr or honey instead of refined sugar.
  • Avoid sweet stuff after the evening snack, which is fresh puréed fruit with yoghurt .
  • Start the day with a hearty breakfast. I do crepes with honey and mashed banana Or the goodie French toast.
    My sons favorite is wheatabex with stewed Apple raisins and cinnamon. Or scrambled eggs on toast with tomato mushroom and chives.
    For lunch his favorite are these sweet potato cutlets I make. Or various kinds of pasta with a hidden vegetable sauce and a portion of protein with roti or rice for dinner.
  • Cook curries without spice a pinch of Garam masala can be added!
  • Boil drinking water with cardamom and fennel seeds which keeps them from being gassy and uncomfortable.
  • Instead of adding flour  add oats to thicken the sauces soups etc.
  • Skin care is also as important as what they eat. For babies with sensitive skin oatmeal baths work wonders. In winters after a warm bath glycerin and rose water works like magic to keep skin from chapping. Mehreen Raheal1

Apart from nutrition its also very important to give them a healthy environment:

  • Paint with the music on and get on all fours and become a child with your child.
  • I put my kids in cartons give them rides. We watch the birds circle the sky laying flat on our back in the grass, go grocery shopping together.
  • My son Wali loves cold water, so instead of a beverage or a cola I get him to take a water bottle out of the fridge and we both drink it together. No toy no tv show can match up to the time you spend with your children. Teach them to love and forgive.
  • Teach them when to whisper when someone is sleeping and when to scream with excitement.
  • Sing with them dance with them. Hold them when they hurt and tell them it’s ok to cry. Set them free but hold them close. They will love you and cherish you forever.

Mehreen Rehael3

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.