Magic Trail

Ever been a mountaineer?! Mountaineers know trails, the people who dwell in the hills – they understand the beauty of these ways.

Here’s what the people on hills tell us: there’s a wagon road that stems from the main metal road, then there are cow-paths, and then some tiny trails allowing humans to run through and move around. Once, these tiny trails didn’t exist but then there was that first someone who danced through.

Walking through this life,  we inevitably adopt and maintain a certain style of influence, we seek solutions in a distinct manner, we voice our opinions and musings… These are the tiny trails, if we may call them. Litter these trails with your distinctive glitter as you sparkle through the days. Your style, in turn, would never lose significance; your voice would echo to be heard over and over again as if it was music meant to live on. Your example as that first someone who danced through to make a winding way would shine to inspire; and no matter how crooked and eccentric your trail might seem to the orthodox, only the mighty hearts would know that it leads to a breathtaking vista.

Let’s not forget that the tiny trails in the hills have an age which is envied. They stay because of the folks who tread on those paths with conviction. Be the one who walks to leave tiny trails which serve as examples to many in individualistic ways, for the followers to pick a trail-idea of choice and blaze one of their own.

They say: “She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”

Title Image: Source.