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Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love dressing up when you’re out to paint the town red with your friends or have a good time with your work buddies. And once you’ve sorted out your outfit, all you’re left with is a go-to hairdo and makeup to compliment your look of the day! But, that’s not at all, in today’s age of excited Instgrammers, the only thing that can make the day better is #instagramworthy clicks of your #OOTD and makeup deets listed in the caption down to the T.

Everyone wants the perfect look, be it the “fashionista” or “girl-next-door”, but sadly most of our lives are spent YouTubing impossible to-do makeup tutorials or over the top, complicated hairdos which are impossible to recreate unless you have your own private army of hairstylists & beauty experts at your beck and call!

palmolive naturals nail art DIY

But fret now, finally, somebody understands the woes of the everyday girl who just wants to look presentable while seeking an easy solution for everyday situations. Palmolive Naturals has come to the rescue with simple DIY videos. These are super easy and fun tutorials on hair styles, makeup and nails that are effortless to recreate! The best part about their tutorials is that they do not require any complex products like setting sprays or a hair mousse, dry shampoos or even contouring kits. Sticking to everyday products like their range of soaps, shampoos and hand washes which are enriched with 100% natural ingredients, are the features of these DIY videos. And guess what? If you’re able to redo these awesome DIY’s, you can participate in the competition by Palmolive Naturals and win a gift hamper!

The nail tutorial got me so excited! A few expert tricks, glitter and imagination can make boring manicures really pop without going to a fancy nail salon! Yay!

BRB, glamming up my nails with some shimmer, sparkles and spangles as I Slay on with Style!

Psst, you can too by checking out the video right here!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.