Elie Saab

“Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.” (Kiera Cass)

Kiera Cass in her literary work titled “Selection” touches upon the Cinderella story giving us a simple yet unique perspective. She astutely questions the legitimacy of ‘Prince Charming’ and disfavors the character’s highhandedness, always positioned as a savior: rescuing the Damsel in Distress, being that hero in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and sending out search teams to look for Cinderella.

To satisfy my appetite for randomness while maintaining relevance, I would take the liberty to further complement Kiera Cass’s standpoint… Consider this: Sleeping Beauty when woken up asked, ‘Are you my Prince? You have kept me waiting a long time’.  These words overwhelmed and charmed the prince. So technically, he’s the one who was “Charmed” and not Charming; proving Kiera’s point in a way and nullifying the assumption underlying the term and over-rated theme of ‘Prince Charming’.

Coming back to Kiera’s Cinderella, it’s unfair to assume that the country girl was happiest to get the prince. If she wanted the prince, she would had asked for him instead. All she wanted was to look uber cool and show up at the party. This desire of her outranked all others in fact. So much for the heart’s longings.