I  thought I would never dye my hair again (after the One time I did and regretted). I mean blow dries, irons, curlers are enough damage and contributors to dry hair, who needs hair color, besides Black hair looks amazing. Like I said, so I thought. smartbond

Now it does feel great at times to be a blogger who gets certain perks and tries out new things, but I was always one to turn down offers that involved my hair and skin, especially trying out new products on them. However, when I got a call from L’oreal to try a new product which protects hair from damage of chemicals in the hair dye, for the first time I was tempted to say yes (on the condition that if I suffer any hair damage, I will get correcting products free for life!!)


I found myself at Ruby’s Split Ends a few days after consenting to try out Smartbond (and change my life by coloring my hair). I wasn’t disappointed since Ruby Aunty and her daughter are not just great people to give your hair to, they are also trained technicians who are well versed in products and techniques (highly recommended for hair dyes).

It has almost been a month since that day, and I hereby swear, I haven’t suffered any dryness, roughness, white hair or hair fall, everything I related to hair dyes, and that is because of the magical ingredient that was mixed into the dye Lo’real’s revolutionary Smartbond (I changed my hair color and got highlights)

Here is a small video of my time at the salon, experience and the final look.



Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.