All the single people, get ready because it’s that time of the year when couples will be spamming your Facebook and Instagram feeds with “cute” and “lovey dovey” cringing messages about love and happiness, and you’ll see a relentless onslaught of couples-only dinner and gig offers with red heart-shaped balloon decorations. What you can do is, because you will have to, to scroll down those messages and advertisements whether you like it or not, and get over it. However it sounds, you decide!

But what YOU can do this Valentine’s Day is to have a whole lot of fun and spend time with yourself and people who matter to you the most. So what if you are bound to be eternally single (cough: reality bites), who said that you cant paint the town RED? Because, and we quote, you are “single and sufficient”. So this is what you can do on February 14.

  • Go grab a cup of latte or something frothy to kick start your day.
  • Binge-watch your favourite TV show or better, NETFLIX! Tada!
  • Celebrate GALENTINE’S DAY. Yes! It’s a thing where you hang out with you gal pals. So, get dressed, look your best and go out and enjoy yourself with all the VIP’s in your life.
  • Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, Wednesday, so you can completely ignore the pangs of pain and come back home from work, get in your PJ’s and order pizza!
  • Indulge in something that you would like to do for yourself only. Go to the salon for a little “me” time or hit the mall and gift you something by taking advantage of the sales. Better than getting something you didn’t like would just be terrible. No?
  • Catch up on your sleep or sleep in late, doesn’t matter, because there’s nothing a little sleep can’t fix.
  • If you have nieces and nephews like we do, be the cool “Khala” or “Mamu” and offer to take care of them while their parents head out for a date night. Kids can bring quiet the joy and make you forget all your sorrows. Idea? Watch, Frozen and LET IT GO!
  • If you have an ex- DON’T MESSAGE HIM OR HER. It’d be wise to cut back on social media. Caution first, right?
  • Laughing gives you endorphins, which makes us happy so laugh it up, watch some comedy show or best, stand up comedy.
  • Love yourself. It’s very important to do what makes you happy, so give life a rest and remind yourself that you are worth all the love in the world!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.