Bad Foods

palatino;”>There are a lot of foods we consume which don’t impact our weight gain but they impact our health either in a bad way or they do nothing for us at all except give us empty calories which can be avoided if replaced by healthier foods.

palatino; color: #000000;”>WHITE BREAD:

palatino;”>As it turns out, sometimes even the breads which claim to be wheat could contain more sugar than grain and should be avoided.

palatino; color: #000000;”>FRIED FOODS:

palatino;”>Many people only consider French fries, fried nuggets or chicken as fried foods, but the truth is we end up consuming other fried stuff without thinking such as doughnuts, pan fried steaks etc.

palatino; color: #000000;”>CREAM BASED SALAD DRESSINGS:

palatino;”>Ranch, Thousand Islands and Italian or blue cheese dressing on salads can be replaced with flavored oils and a bit or oregano to make the salad light refreshing and truly healthy.

palatino;”>Rice is a common ingredient in recipes, and it is a common perception that rice is healthy, but the health quotient of rice depends entirely on the type of rice being consumed.

palatino;”>As substitutes for white rice always use brown rice which is high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients. The high fiber content makes you feel fuller for longer discouraging binges and subsequent weight gain.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.