Summers are here, the sun is cruel and wants to rob you of that complexion and freshness you had carefully acquired during winter. We all need solutions to get rid of that awful patchy tan. Most of us will apply sun screen but we think that it is just not enough! We have tried many home remedies to ensure glowing skin. We love these totkas and feel you might want to try these out too to counter a mean sun tan.

These are quick and natural-however if you have super sensitive skin then try these only after consulting a dermatologist!

FYI- these are tried and tested at home !

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670px-Make-and-Apply-a-Saffron-Face-Mask-Step-1 Saffron and fresh cream face pack

This is a fast and easy one. Get saffron from the super market and soak a few strands, maybe 2-3 in 2 tablespoons of milk cream overnight. Blend it with fingers apply on face evenly. Dry it for 20 minutes and as always wash off with water. Saffron not only helps in tan removal but also brightens the skin and fights acne

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