Fasting can have quiet the amplified effect on each one of us internally. While some of us stay in bed till the azaan, some become angry birds – exactly the opposite of what this holy month is all about. But that’s not just all because there’s more than just one type of rozedar and we’d like you to meet some (if you haven’t already).


These people have a strategy, a plan of action on how to survive in Ramzan and the garmi, so they sleep all day up until iftar, go about their usual routine and repeat the next day.


These people habitually go on and on about how tough the roza is for them, how they’re not feeling well and make it a point that everybody else knows how they’re feeling.


So you are not fasting and if you’ve met or have this certain individual in your life, know that they are going to make it a point to ask you a gazillion times why you aren’t fasting, worse they’re also going to make you feel about it and judge you for-ever!


This is also another kind who will judge you for all the reasons. These are the “Allah walay log just in ramzan” and will offer namaz, taraveeh, nafl, and preach etc the entire month and pin point at others for not doing the same, even though their behavior is also pertained to ramzan only. Puff!


These rozedar are the most inactive people on earth during ramzan and will have an excuse not to do anything because they are fasting. 


These are the people who know what they want to eat at sehri/iftar everyday, they have their days sorted out, they even have a weekly plan of sorts interestingly. The know-it-all types. So they even know who’s serving the best Sehri and Iftari in town and are always up for a planned outing with “what’s the sehri/iftari plan”?


These rozedar are a mix of angry and hungry people and will remain the middle of it throughout ramzan. Even though they fast with a good intention at heart but their hunger gets the best of them and that makes them really really angry and you know what happens when Bruce gets angry!


There’s always one in the family. The one who’s  life is all about food and will go over board at sehri and iftar and regret the next day for eating too much because they simply cannot live without having all that food, and they can’t refrain from it either. Its just not a pretty picture to behold.

So, which type of rozedar are you?

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.