We’re down in July and still have 2 months of summer holidays so you have ample time to plan a family trip, yes we mean the whole #BradyBunch.

Travelling with children can be a quiet a bit like taking a herd of wild goats on vacation. Whether they are your own children or someone else’s, you have to do a lot more than keeping them entertained without their claws coming out at each other and bathroom stops.

Family holidays can also be stress-free and become an over all best experience for everyone if planned right, because they key is to pay attention to your children’s needs and find right the right balance between slowing down and fun activities. You not only get to make memories, but there there are learning opportunities and character-shaping possibilities for your children that can help them explore who they are as “little individuals”.

As parents we know that bored and cranky children can make everyone frustrated, so the idea is to follow a few essential travel habits to make it worth the while for everyone involved. So here are a few core tips to keep in mind while traveling with children.


Children are hooked to ipads/tablets/phones and this addiction has become a common passage for parents to keep them busy, however this should not be the course especially when you’re on a family trip. Leave all the tech stuff behind because travel is supposed to help your children grow, learn something new, discover the opportunities that come with the freedom of traveling, and enjoy life.


Finding accommodation when you arrive without pre-booking, especially with children can be hassle. So the word for you is, PRE-BOOK and book wisely.


  • Pre-book a hotel that has all the amenities for a comfortable and happy stay for the children, like the pool side, entertainment area – where you can leave your children in safe hands and catch up on some “me” time also.
  • You can also ask for discounts or anything new their doing so you can plan to do something either with the children or by yourself.


  • It’s a whole level of new experience for parents travelling with toddlers or pre-teens. Either way, if you’re traveling on a plan (particularly international flights, pre-book a “kids meal” so the flight service can cater their needs, in case of special perks for children on board to keep them excited and entertained.


We’d advise that you see your doctor a little over 2 months before you leave for the trip and discuss where you’re headed and what all you need to do in case of an emergency. From vaccinations, to discussing any pre-existing medical condition etc must be looked into before an overseas travel plan.


Carry all kinds and types of medicines for flu, fever, cough, and band-aids etc. For your children and for yourself. You don’t want to have a sick family member on board and have all the fun energy boil to zero.


This has been said time and again for a reason, DON’T OVER PACK when travelling with children, instead carry the essentials like clothing and snacks.


Wet wipes aren’t just for babies, they’re for everyone to keep hygiene and health in check. Also, if you’re traveling with children between 3-7 years of age, carry a light weight stroller with you everywhere.


No matter how much you love your children, a screaming and roaring child can be the pain and an embarrassment. So carry some fun stuff with you to keep the perils of boredom away.

  • colouring books and crayons
  • colouring pencils and sketch books
  • reading books

Even though a lot of tourist places/restaurants usually have fun things for children to do, but to be on the safer side, make this a habit.


Anything can happen, you can miss your flight, there could be a possible meltdown, or you could forget something, but it’s all going to be okay.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.