Makeup Essentials List
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We all have make-up staples we absolutely love and can’t live without. We rely on these so much we even tend to have back-up stock! Just in case the brand decides to discontinue it. We hoard it. And, we keep it safe. We treasure every last drop of that foundation or scrape out the lipstick with a brush because that is literally how much it means to us! At Siddysays, we all have our make-up staples that we always keep on us. Here is what our makeup essentials list looks like:

Amna Niazi

Chanel CC Cream

I frequently use this as it is light and has great coverage. Unlike most CC creams it lets your skin breathe and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or leave an oily residue. Best of all, it also has SPF!

Brow and Liner Kit By The Body Shop

It is a super easy kit to use. It has two powdered shades with an easy to use brush. It is perfect to fill in your brows on the go!

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