Pakistani Celebs #IChooseMe

In a stringently patriarchal society like Pakistan, where our way of life is still defined by men, and where women are struggling to earn recognition and respect, are some of the general hardships Pakistani women are submissive to. The modern and educated woman is excelling in her professional life, whereas the poor and uneducated woman is fighting for her fundamental rights – either way they are the breadwinners, in most cases, and yet pushing themselves to make a name in this culturally reserved society. See what these Pakistani celebs had to say about #IChooseMe

Back then, what was once considered a taboo, the Pakistani woman is choosing to defy all odds and break unnecessary barriers by choosing herself first. If we can teach our sons to do what makes them happy and stand out in life, then we can preach the same to our daughters and let her blossom by doing what she feels is right for her. After all, this is also her life and she can take decisions for her well-being. Moreover, history is evidence to the fact that when a woman was kept in bounds, she rebelled through life and waged war against those who tried to pull her down.

edenrobe’s new campaign #IChooseMe is the launch of a strong and compassionate movement that teaches women to choose their sanity over acceptance of societal norms that are pre-dated and take women back to medieval times. She is supposed to love herself, forge paths that are undeniably tough, but worth it, because the Pakistani woman is capable, smart and does not acknowledge defeat – if she chooses herself.

Balance is the essential key to a smooth life, and therefore, the balance of life should be kept maintained. In spite of having a hard earned educational degree, often women are not allowed to pursue a professional career and are forced to marry and bear children, but if she chooses to listen to her inner calling, the Pakistani woman can be a housewife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a working woman. Her life is not pertained to just one role only because if she chooses to love, respect and be herself, then so will society.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.