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Today’s age the best way to rediscover who you are is to travel the world, and if you want other’s to be a part of your journey, then you should share your travel adventures through travel vlogs.

Through travel vlogging, our millenials and zennials are introducing us to boundaries that we’ve only wished to see, and they’ve made these trips personal and memorable by sharing them with us on their channels. Pakistan is a beautiful country with a rich heritage and stories of people and tribes that need to be told, courtesy to these travel vloggers, they’ve given Pakistan the due credit by giving us a glimpse of what its like on the other side.

So, we’ve shortlisted our top 4 Pakistani travel vloggers who are known for their original content and engaging vlogs with dialogue and humour as well as visuals on their Youtube Channels and show Pakistani like never seen or heard before.


Mooroo is a filmaker, musician, vlogger and all rounded unconventional entertainer who’s name is a buzz on social media. His witty remarks incorporated in art of creating drama and humour in his vlogs makes him engaging. (we’ve subscribed to his channel and so should you). Apart from his skits and much talked marriage recently, Moroo  aka Taimoor Salauddin has a unique style of singing and a mix of personalities. His travel vlogs takes you in a time and space that is relatable yet entertaining at the same time that 463,183 subscribers to see!


What started out as a regular 2-3 minute video now creates the most-watched vlogs. Irfan Junejo is a dedicated vlogger who’s created quiet the stir in just a few years. With a Youtube following of 577,567 subscribers, his vloggs show moments and experiences that highlight Irfan Junejo’s distinct talent as a vlogger-which is to remain original. Our personal favourite is his collaboration with Mooroo.


Vlogger Eva Zu Beck not just makes travel videos, she takes you on a journey like in that of a story where she stirs you with her narration as you fall in love with the beauty that makes Pakistan. Eva’s adventurous spirit takes her in the remotest parts of Pakistan with her collaborations as she uncovers secrets and gives us reasons why she love to travel.


This lad is crafty, thrifty and extremely engaging when his comes to his vloggs, and the fact he’s lately on wheels makes us want to catch up with UKhano. With a solid technique and on spot editing style, Ukhano appeals to your aesthetics as he takes you across Pakistan.  He has quiet the happening life on social media with a total number of 131,444 subscribers on Youtube alone. Ukhano’s forte lies in creating original and compelling content circling around travel vlogging in and out of Pakistan. But if you want to see the soul of Pakistan.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.