These 80’s things are absolute memory triggers and will make you nostalgic because you were the perfect 80’s baby and this was the staple decade when you were born.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane, because if you were a kid of the 80’s,  you would definitely get it.

Dentonic: Twice a day, especially before going to bed! if this was your anthem, you are no different from us.

Cassette Tape: When your mother used to rewind it and forward it  an rewind it and forward it, till it got to the exact note you wanted.

Reel Cameras: The excitement would begin just as dad would take the reel out of the camera and drop it to the developer…..and would continue weeks after the photos had found their home in a branded FUJI album.

VCR: The trip to movie stores to rent a video cassette for Rs. 15 per day…..and the dukaan walay bhai saying sorry ye movie out hai (means already rented)

Polka Ice Cream: when polka was an indulgence and Choc Bar was a treat for the winners.

Walkman: because it was was what burgers carried everywhere.

Naz Pan Masala: the jingle that made it to all the dholkis….

Rubik’s Cube: could any mortal ever solve this?

The paper fortune that could predict your future: according to which we were to be rich by now!

Jubilee: available for Rs. 5, caramel filled chocolate was the Pakistani Lindt in the 80’s.




Attari: when your maamoo was coming from KSA and brought this for you.

He-Man: even though He-Man and She-Ra were siblings, they were were very ‘close’ !!!!

 Small Wonder: When we all wished Vicky the robot would come live with us!

STN: When 6 pm was the most important hour of the day.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.