Amna Babar is a staple in fashion world, be it on the ramp or spread over the pages of fashion magazines and catalogues. In a short time, she has certainly made a name for herself as a dedicated and hard working young model. Fashion designers love her due to her versatility- whether she’s modeling for couture or the latest bohemian trend, Amna can manage to make it all look good!

We caught up with Amna after her visit to America for fashion shows in Dallas and Chicago and here’s what she had to say:


Starbucks! I love Starbucks. Ali Xeeshan and I frequented Starbucks a lot!


We were in Dallas for a week. We were in the countryside which was beautiful! This was my first trip to the States so I enjoyed every minute of it. It was very calm and laid back.


Chicago was fun, much more lively than Dallas. I loved downtown Chicago. The weather was a bit bi-polar where it was sunny one day and a tad bit chilly the next. I was glad I had my jacket with me, as I tend to feel very cold! I was able to sightsee in Chicago and Lake Michigan was beautiful.


The portions in America are huge! I don’t like cheese and I was made to try out these cheese fries by a friend, because they were supposedly good enough to make me like cheese. It did not happen! However, in Chicago I visited a restaurant called RPM Italian and ordered their meatball and spaghetti that was possibly the best I have ever had!


Super nice! I was so happy when Pakistanis recognized me there as well. It was heart warming to see that Pakistanis living abroad were not only in sync with the Pakistani Fashion Industry but also with the Who’s Who. It was great to have such support abroad as well.


Yes, an aunty did check that box for me too.


The Dallas and Chicago shows were both great. In Dallas, Ali Xeeshan was with us and Deepak Perwani and Kuki joined us in Chicago. Modeling there was a great experience both in terms of the response and mingling with the models there.


So I go by a simple rule – I stretch my dollar. I look for the best deal at the best price. I found this chic but edgy local boutique in Chicago called ‘Akira’. They have stores all over Chicago. I bought a dress and an organza top from there.

Here is a sneak peak from all her travels!