Have you seen those ridiculously awesome novelty socks all over social media? Even though socks may be something most men don’t usually think about, but cool fun socks lately have become much of a style statement as their Tag Heur watch or Ferrari cap! And just so you know, we think it would be amazing if you started everything on the right foot and wore one of these pair of socks that flaunts your personality. So whether you’re into solid colours, patterns or printed socks (think bears or Marvel), we have it all for you!

  • Since we’re all DC and Marvel fans, these Batman socks are going to push your inner super hero out of this comfort zone! These pair of socks are absolutely cool and will look even better with black leather shoes. So, who says you can’t be a super hero during their meetings?!

  • Don’t you love these fun rubber ducky socks? They look fun and, we know, a bit kiddish, but who cares right? Life’s all about living it and taking risks and if one of these risks is all about showing who you are, then so be it.

  • Solid colours never go out of style and they never look boring. Because a good solid colour can pretty much define you as a person. So whether it’s a bold a red or a striking blue, solid colours look rad with a suit.

  • Justin Trudeu is popular for his quirky styled socks, so whether it was these rainbow pair of socks or the one’ with the Canadia flag on it, this PM always brings his A-sock game. So take some style inspo from this man because his lust for fun socks is limitless.

  • Oh! They come in so many colours and combinations, AND look funky. These statement checkered pattern socks are designed to make sure that whatever you wear, just pops. Because these socks will grab anyone’s attention.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.