It is all about weddings in Pakistan these days, and we hear a lot of commentary on social media about who is marrying who, which bride wore what, who nailed it, who slayed it. This wedding fervor can become a bit tedious to be honest, especially the part where day in day out you need new clothes, new shoes, and even new hair style variations (a simple blow dry just does not cut it)

While creating new looks is loads of fun, products like hair spray, gel, glitter etc takes a toll on your hair. However a bit of hair care routine like oiling, head massage and a good shampoo can go a long way in making sure your hair is always on point.

Once you know the products that do and do not suit your hair, it makes it easy to play around with your look. Here are some suggestions for hair style that you can try for different wedding functions.

Dua/Milad: Most of the weddings kick off with a dua or milad which is usually a women only affair. The nature of the event is such that keeping it simple is a good idea. Simple definitely does not mean boring, and a great idea could be a braid. Go for a French plat.

Mehndi: A real girly girl event with Maatha Patis and teekas in their glory. We love the idea of a Maiden Braid.

Barat: Go for the side braid for this one. Looks super chic

Valima: Bombshell curls are a no fuss look, perfect to end the madness of the wedding festivities.

You could also take a cue from Hania Amir in the new Sunsilk Thick and Long ad, to see how latest hair trends work for a close wedding. She looks absolutely delightful in all the hairdos she’s tried on, and the wardrobe by Sania Maskatiya and Nomi Ansari really is a winner. Round of applause for director Farooq Manan and his styling team. One really enjoys watching the ad as it hits all the right musical and aesthetic notes.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.