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Everyone is talking about ‘new year- new me’ and there isn’t a better time to be a new you than now. Getting a drastic haircut is not going to resolve any issues (as I staunchly believed up until 14th January, 2019) but it can bring about a much needed change for a new you. Hair cuts can do wonders: they can frame your face, they can change your entire look. And best of all you get rid of all those nasty split ends that make you think your hair is doomed. I always go for a drastic hair cut every few years ritualistically mainly because long hair requires a lot of up keep and I don’t have the time of day (and am purely lazy). In my years of ritualistic hair chopping following are the hair cut places that have understood my hair type. Plus they can cut my hair according to my vision and my lifestyle, which many people tend to ignore! 

Toni & Guy

Anytime I cannot decide where to get my hair cut, I just go to Toni & Guy. As a franchise they uphold an internationally accepted standard. They don’t keep adding charges for blow drying or washing. It’s all inclusive and I have always walked out happy. Toni & Guy provide you with options based on your budget: you can opt for a junior stylist or an appointment with director himself. One thing that remains consistent is the fact that you will walk out happy as long as you explain to the junior stylist exactly what you want. If you opt for a haircut with the director, they will advise you about your hair type, upkeep and the best cut for your face. Toni & Guy has a range of products they recommend for the best results post the cut. Prices for haircuts vary for men and women.

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