Born and brought up in Lahore, our heart beats in true desi swag, so we love everything about Lahore shehr because of the cultural and architectural marvel that it is, and the seasonal khaaba. But the weather we love the most is Lahori sardi. Its not as bleak as Karachi and not as freezing as Isloo, Quetta and Peshawar. Its just right. And with the chills come the festive bills with the unending celebrations, birthdays, dinners, parties, GTs, anniversaries, dholkis, and you would be lucky to spare one day to yourself on this type of calendar.  And if you aren’t being all that social, there is so much Lahroi’s can savor in the beautiful city during the season.

So, here is a list of things pakka Lahoris do when WINTER HAS COME.

Doubling up on Fried Fish

What’s hot and crispy and Almashhoor around the world? LAHORI FRIED FISH. You can’t beat the masala, the lip smacking taste and the ambiance of a fish joint in Lahore. Shor Sharaba and unending lines at Sardar and Bashir add to the festivity that winters bring, and once you get the taste of Lahore, every other fried fish is irrelevant. Finger fish, WHO DAT?

Bowling down Hareesa

The Phopo of Haleem, try hitting Amritsari Hareesa on Nisbet Road or Lakshmi Chowk for this marvelous dish with kashmiri mirch masala and feel middle eastern for a while! My Belly Is Dancin’

Healthy Long Walks

The parks are full of uncles and aunties and some serious fitness junkies for long jogs and walks, because hey, we all need our summer bods ready. But if you are a romantic like us, some music on the pod and dreams in the head, tis the season for Lahori long walks.

Bonfires & BBQ

Many of us have had that BBQ which wasn’t cooked properly, just because its winter and Lahori’s must do a BBQ, themselves. Actually we just need a reason for khaaba and guppain and to show ’em we got a space for a mean party (if you party without food, you ain’t Lahori)

The Fruit of Life

The winter life we all have been dreaming off definitely involves citrus, and dry fruit (the stash that’s hidden for the guests) and ammi, (or aya ammi) oiling our hair.

Shaadi Season

We all have different feelings towards the unending shaadis. We specifically go for the food. If you getting married in a place that doesn’t serve good food, don’t bother with writing that invite, and if you have less than 8 back to back nights of festivities, you are so not from around here. Qawalis, Milads, Dholkis, Showers and some more ridiculous wedding related irrelevant events are a part of every Lahoris winter.

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