There are so many myths when it comes to working out during pregnancy. And if you’ve grown up in a desi household, you probably assume that even walking during pregnancy is too much.

But working out during pregnancy can actually be really beneficial! You just have to know what to do and what not to do.


  • Don’t do any exercises that requires you to lie on your back. This means exercises like crunches or glute bridges. Try propping yourself up on a chair or yoga ball instead.
  • Don’t do any exercises lying on your belly. This includes moves like the cobra pose in yoga, or superman squeezes for your back. Go for an all-fours alternative.
  • Don’t lift too heavy if you weren’t already regular with your weight training regime before your pregnancy. Moderate to light weights are okay!
  • Don’t over work your body, it’s a simple rule. As long as you can catch your breath, it’s fine.



  • Do incorporate moderate to light weight training. This is actually great to strengthen your muscles and help your body adapt to the physiological changes it will experience.
  • Do take a Pilates class. It will help keep your abdominal and pelvis floor muscles in shape and makes things easier for you.
  • Do some light to moderate cardio, but avoid moves that are too explosive or too dynamic.
  • If you’re staying away from the don’ts, there isn’t much that is out of the list during your pregnancy. So keep moving and keep fit for both yourself and the baby!
  • Hydrate during workout even if there isn’t a lot of movement involved. Water carries nutrients and helps in constipation.


Disclaimer: This article is by a Fitness Instructor at AimFit.