These aren’t just buzz words but the effects of skin pollution and it gets worse if not counteracted.

Nowadays we’ll spend every dime on a new wardrobe and makeup products, but we don’t really pay attention to our bodies and our skin to protect it. And we’re  not just talking about about outdoor pollution, there’s indoor pollution as well that comes personal products, fabric and chemicals.

We have pollution in our homes and outside, and not a lot of anti-pollution skincare products for daily use and we really want to work on looking healthier and fresh in 2020 (and always), so here are some radical free ways to protect your skin from pollution:

wash up and exfoliate to take off that layer of dirt and grease, and body brushing helps a lot to shed that dead skin off

wear sunscreen from from noon till 4:30 pm especially when you’re outside because the UV rays can be brutal to your skin and once your indoors, wear a light sunblock that doesn’t clog your pores

cleanse, hydrate and moisturize everyday without fail to keep wipe that last speck of pollutants, chemicals, and dust from your face (and this includes your hands, arms and feet too)

Multani Mitti, Charcoal and DIY masks help fight skin pollution; try curd + honey + lemon juice + pinch of turmeric and will fight bacteria and allergens

Invest in good anti-pollution skin care products and herbal facials that will focus on cleansing and repairing your skin from damages.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.