If you are reading this in Pakistan, chances are your mom, or mother in law or the trusty old kitchen lady is still trying to feed you the red meat even after a week of Eid Ul Adha. You are probably stuffed up to your nose with the different recipes of chops, mutton legs, karhais, pulaos, and in some cases all moving or non moving parts of the sacrificial animals.

I am a meat lover, don't get me wrong, and a Lahori on top of that, but three to five consecutive days of meat calls for a detox. Here are three things I eat/drink and do when I feel I need to cleanse my liver, veins, arteries, even nerves of all the red meat.

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DETOX AFTER EID2: Beetroot, Apple, Ginger, Cucumber, Celery:

Blend these together with a bit of water for liver cleansing. Beetroot helps blood flow and regulate blood pressure. Ginger helps protect the liver by ridding the liver of toxins that may cause harm. Since cucumbers are 96% water they are a great juice veggie (and superb for hydration and skin), the potassium in celery helps regulate blood fluid and the apples rich in beta carotene have antioxidant and ant inflammatory properties. Have this juice for 5 to 7 days straight and you will visibly see/physically feel the difference in your body and your skin.

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.