hey honey look into my eyes

Product: Retinol and Propolis Eye Mask
Weeks Used: 28 Days
Skin Type: Sensitive to Normal
Age Bracket: Early Thirties

In continuing my venture to save my skin, I have been using the ‘Hey Honey, Look Into My Eyes, Retinol and Propolis Eye Mask’. I have been wearing spectacles since I was a ten. And now, over two decades later of a lack of skin care, a whole lot of crying, late nights, bad diet and dehydration of epic levels, I ordered this, again on a whim, in a meek attempt to look less like a panda.

So this eye mask has decent reviews online. But after using it my main conclusion is that like so many products on the western market, this is aimed towards light skinned women. I am anything but light skinned so this maybe why the difference is subtle. Whereas reviews rave about seeing a difference in a week or two, four weeks later, there is a difference but nothing to rave about.

What I did

The mask comes in a 8 ml tube, of which you use very little. So, this is going to last me another 2-3 months easy. After washing my face and patting it dry every night, I applied the mask directly under my eyes. Rather than rubbing it in, I patted it gently until it was somewhat absorbed. I have sensitive skin which is prone to flare ups. Even baby lotion irritates my skin and I am certain this is why babies cry when their mothers smother them in lotion- it isn’t a pleasant feeling! Thankfully, this did not irritate my skin at all. I accidentally got it in my eye once but that’s a story for another time!

The eye mask aims to hydrate and brighten the under eye area. It relies on propolis combined with retinol to heal, brighten and moisturize the under eye area. It aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles as well.

Four Weeks Later

There is a very subtle difference in the appearance of my dark circles, but I intend to get through this entire tube and see how much of a difference it makes. It’s probably better suited for women who have lighter skin and not-so-prominent eye baggage.

Pros: It is SLS and Paraben free and is not tested on animals. I bought the deluxe 8ml tube and I haven’t even gone half way through it!
Cons: Difference is subtle when you have prominent dark circles.