It is said that words have the ability to heal like no other balm provided by the Gaia. And since we’re always on the lookout for uplifting, profound and meaningful concepts conveyed through a medium of well-chosen words, SiddySays has rounded up its favourite Instagram Poets to keep you feeling moved, and wonderfully “enough” in your own skin.

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White is known for producing the most poignant homages to love and the idea of physical romance. Using simple yet effective phrases that quiver our soul, he never fails to evoke our sensitive side. Needless to say, we are floored with his words.

Tyler Kent White


Next on this list is (now) world-famous and our personal favourite, the ever-eloquent, Rupi Kaur who shot to previously unexplored heights of literary success with her baby, the book: “Milk and Honey”, which, if put simply, is a collection of inspiring little bolts of sunshine, calling out to every female out there to know and trust her worth.

Rupi Kaur


The women are ruling Instagram with their fantastic works of creativity and we are loving it! Next on our list is yet another wonderful artist who plays with words, Nayyirah Waheed and is a master at the exquisite art of words, serves as a therapeutic bounty for all those of us suffering with insecurities.

Deep question: isn’t that us all at some point in life?

Nayyirah Waheed


Taking his inspiration from the age-old themes like the Bard, and ideas of love and loss, Knott presents his works to the world through a typewriter as opposed to a quill or a keypad. Also known as the modern-day Shakespeare by his loyal fans, Knott’s art is equipped with sensitively used words that directly pull at the reader’s heartstrings.

Tyler Knott Gregson



Winning the readers’ hearts over with her bite-sized chunks of literary beauty, Gill is another powerful wordsmith that has us completely smitten with the way she calls out to the modern woman to embrace her inner fire, and be unapologetic ally respectful towards her individuality.

Nikita Gill


The winner of the Goodreads Choice Award for Poetry, Lang Leav is a mirage of life, love, grave loss and forgiveness. Her words are a ploy that you as a reader cannot help but succumb to, because what she describes is real, heart-felt and knows how to help you find your place in the  universe.