korean beauty

We did an in-house try of Korean Beauty to see if it works! Here is how our experiment turned out!

Product: 3W Clinic Collagen Cleansing Foam

Weeks Used: 21 Days (End October to Mid November)

Skin Type: Sensitive to Normal

Age Bracket: Early Thirties

Pros: Hypoallergenic; excellent for combination or oily skin; a little goes a long way! Skin feel refreshed.


Cons: Can dry out your skin a bit much; would probably be suitable for summer months.

So, to give a little background, I am in my early thirties and have never been particular about my skin. I have never been an avid user of sunscreen because I kept telling myself ‘brown people don’t need it’. Sadly, that has proven to be untrue, we need it just like everyone else. I have a face riddled with brown spots and due to stress, I have experienced acne of proportions previously unknown to me.

I picked this up recently after reading up on Korean Beauty products. I thought ‘hey, what better time to take care of my skin then now!’ Collagen seemed like an appropriate word for my thirty year old self. It also seemed like something my skin might need for wrinkles and what-not that might plague my existence soon enough.

What I did: I picked this up without much thought to be fair. It comes in a tube, it has a white creamy texture with a slight sheen. Rather than lathering it between my finger pads, I have been using a face exfoliating sponge. I used a pea size amount that creates a lot of lather and work my way with a sponge in circular motions across my face and my neck. Then I just rinse it with cold water.

After drying my face, I apply rosehip oil and repeat the same every morning sans the oil.

When I started using it I was experiencing stress flare ups where my skin would just turn pink at random times of the day, that coupled with my acne was not a pretty picture. I thought this foaming face wash might cause irritation but it did not. If anything, my flare-ups have reduced significantly. Whether that has anything to do with pollution, reduction in stress, exercise or a change in my diet shall remain a mystery!

Three Weeks Later: I am happy to report that my skin definitely looks a lot better than when I started out. It looks less blotchy, my acne has subsided, and the flare-ups have reduced in frequency.

I think my skin looks refreshed which is more than I could ask for at this point. This is a mild foaming face wash, which will easily last you up to 3 months. I would suggest using a good moisturizer with this face wash. Other than that, I have absolutely no complaints. I will definitely recommend adding Korean Beauty to your every day skin regime.