In a world full of meaningless conversations and redundancy, a slice of intellect is refreshing and much needed. Which is just one of the reasons why ‘The Lahore Literary Festival’ matters. It is important to have a platform that promotes art, literature and culture.

Here are the ten reasons why ‘The Lahore Literary Festival’ matters:

  1. One and Only: It is the only platform in Lahore and Pakistan at large that we have which is exclusive for literature and art lovers!
  2. Variety: There is not just one but numerous lectures happening at the same time. Five halls holding simultaneous sessions for the entire day. It is hard for people like us because we want to attend everything!
  3. The Right People: It brings in the right kind of people – from politicians, to international actors, writers, celebrities, authors, columnists, journalists to literature lovers.
  4. The Right Questions: The festival is unique because it forces us to think and ask questions we normally don’t ask. Among many of the lectures the festival holds, the participants speak out about issues that we normally don’t end up thinking about.
  5. Image of Pakistan: On a larger scale, the Lahore Literary Festival is a great of sending out a soft image of Pakistan. It showcases the learned and educated side of the country which the world rarely sees.
  6. Inspirational: Of course we see the literature lovers at the festival. But there are also people who are there just to be in the ‘in’ crowd. No worries. The festival matters because it inspires people who don’t care about literature to love it. Or at least be inspired by it.
  7. Educational: The LLF is not only about appreciating what you already love or being inspired by it. It is an excellent place to learn something new.
  8. Interactive: Apart from learning, the LLF is THE best place to interact with people you can’t get a hold off in everyday life. It is your chance to ask the questions you always wanted to or get that book signed by your favorite author even take pictures with them if you like!
  9. All about the Culture: Art & literature are the primary focus of the LLF. However, the performances that follow are one not to be missed such as the, this year’s Sufi Night, mushaira and even musical performances by Poor Rich Boy. They promote culture and showcase talent.
  10. Evolution of Ideas: In the larger scheme of things, events such as the festival are imperative in creating an evolution of narrative. The consequence of such events results in new and unique ideas and the attendees are all left with a storm of wisdom in their minds.

Title Image: Youlin Magazine.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.