Meesha Shafi

Over the years we have all come to admire the many talents of Meesha Shafi. Having had started her modeling career at the age of 17, Meesha was no stranger to the world of entertainment. Her mother, the veteran actress, Saba Pervaiz has graced the screens of Pakistani television and theatre from a very young age. It is no surprise that Meesha is a woman of many talents; a model, an actor, a painter and a singer.

Meesha has been the face of major campaigns from a very young age; her modeling portfolio includes international brands such as Coca Cola and Lipton Tea and localized brands such as Mobilink and Allied Bank. Meesha ventured into acting making her debut in Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’. Her acting portfolio, much like her modeling is quite different as she her second film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ was a Bollywood movie and her third, Bilal Lashari’s ‘Waar’ was a Pakistani film.


Meesha’s singing career started with the band Overload, where she was the lead vocalist. Her singing career soared when she made her Coke Studio debut in collaboration with Arif Lohaar for the song ‘Alif Allah’. The song was an instant hit. Meesha returned several times to Coke Studio making instant hits- ‘ Dasht-e-Tanhai’, ‘Chori Chori’ and ‘Ish Aap Bhi Awalla’ to name just a few. In no time, Meesha’s voice was one of the most heard and played on Coke Studio.

Looking back at Meesha’s singing debut with Overload up to now, one can really hear the difference. Her voice has undergone a transition maintaining the raw powerful sound that we have associated with her signing whilst having great control over her pitch and transitions. She has a truly unique voice and her growth as a singer has led her to lend vocals to some exciting new tracks for this year. Recently she was the voice behind two brilliant original sound tracks: ‘Eva’ for the movie ‘Moor’ and her rendition of ‘Mehram Dilaan De Mahi’ by Shiv Kumar Batalvi for ‘Manto’.

Eva’ is a very catchy upbeat song and is most likely to get stuck in your head on first listen. Strings produced the song and with their signature catchy tunes and Meesha on vocals; I would not be surprised if this is the most played song this season.

EVA OST Moor By Meesha Shafi by viralinpakistan
Mehram Dilaan De Mahi’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea but after a listen or two, it does sink in. The song is eerie and poignant. The poetry itself is evocative of sentiments that are relayed remarkably through Meesha’s voice.

Mehram Dilaan De Mahi from Geo Films on Vimeo.

Besides being an actor, painter, model and singer Meesha is a wife and a mother to two kids. Here’s hoping we hear much more in the way of music from this talented woman.