Ah, the cat is out of the bag…while we were wondering what is missing from our mornings, and finding ways to kill the lull, the answer was in front of us all this while. Khalid Malik on radio, that is all we need to make the mornings great again. Rumor has it he will be back on the Morning Jam with FM 91 replacing Ali Safina, to make mornings great again. MORNINGS GREAT AGAIN

A few weeks back, Khalid’s departure from radio was nothing short of a national catastrophe. With women crying to his final goodbye message he gave out on the radio, to students protesting they will not sit for exams if Khalid wasn’t back, the radio listeners were in mourning. Till date they haven’t accepted that their RJ who made their mornings great had left, and not showing any mercy to the guy who had to fill his shoes.


Well he is back and we couldn’t be happier, in fact in a poll we did regarding what was missing from the morning, a lot of people said it was Khalid’s voice.

We spoke to Khalid (yes we actually did) to ask him how he plans to make Morning Jam more exciting and different, ‘I will come back bigger and better, stronger with a new perspective. I’m here to add the laughter, the spice, and to add the life to your mornings that you had been missing. I am here to fill that void you have been feeling all this time. I plan to shake you, wake you and elevate you.’

Well Khalid, we are ready to shake the shake and its great to have you back buddy!


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.