Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Fawad Khan


I read in an ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil review’ that the film does not face Fawad Khan as the biggest threat to it’s success, rather it’s Karan Johar’s lack of depth, and staleness that will take it down. While everyone in Pakistan is looking for a pirated DVD, we have the inside scoop to the years most awaited film.

Here is what you need to know about the ‘mildly irritating’ Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…

Even though I have never been a huge fan of K-Jos candy floss cinema, other than ‘My Name is Khan’, I confess was very excited about this film. And might I add, it was ONLY because of Ranbir Kapoor who’s just a brilliant actor AND NOT because of Fawad Khan (who we absolutely adore).

Whilst the film does nothing for me emotionally, Karan Johar has done both better and worst work before. The film is supposed to charge you with emotion, but only affects you mildly, if at all. Long story short, Ayan’s (Ranbir Kapoor) burgeoning singing career shapes the narrative of this film as this typical K-Jo tale of a budding singer (hindu) and a beautiful friend Alizeh (muslim) develops over the cafes and streets of Europe kicking off with a meeting at a Bar in London. The only thing keeping  the friends turning into lovers is the constant shadows of the (hot) boyfriend past, Fawad Khan.

Fawad Khan

However there are some important questions the film raises…

  • When will the larka larki dost nahi ho saktay theme end. Why must one or both fall in love after tall claims of never saying I love you. We all have plenty of male friends to know better?
  • Why is weak morality or things like drinking, drugs, sex so glorified in Bollywood?
  • Why is loyalty so confusing?
  • If you see a stranger at a party, jump down his throat before one can blink, while saying you have a temporary boyfriend (whatever that is)  and then cry about leaving the love of your life (now your ex) because he cheated on you, seems confused to me. Got you confused too didn’t I?
  • Anushka Sharma is a brilliant actress, but why does she always play a loud mouth feminist who in this case (and sultan) can’t handle her marriage because she is too clingy! Confusion again.
  • Why do guys in movies always fall irrevocably in love with batameez weird girls who insult them? Never happens in real life….
  • Why does the girl always realise on her wedding day who she loves and who loves her?
  • How can anyone love Anushka when there is Aishwarya? Sigh Aishwarya, seems to be getting classier with age!
  • How hot is Aishwarya. What a stunner, what a babe… I can go on and on.
  • What was the need of Alia Bhatt cameo? She appeared as a DJ for literally a minute
  • Why Did Fawad do this cameo. It was literally of no consequence to him or the film makers. It actually irritates me that for someone of that impact would give in to a script with such weak characterization.
  • There will be many more pertinent questions that may strike u (one more is how can a patient in chemotherapy lose their hair and not their eyebrows)

But one thing that stood out was Miss Sharma’s acting. She’s flawless despite the character flaws and needless to say we were rooting for our boy Fawad. Other than this, the film is filled with the usual Karan Johar cliches – the guest appearances, cameo roles, the bratty girl, the songs and chamak dhamak, the boy forced to grow up and a life threatening disease.

ae dil hai mushkil

To wrap up all I can say is that I am just happy for all the DVD waalas in Pakistan. This will be a good weekend for all those hard working chaps!

Fawad Khan Karan Johar

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.