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Beauty and skin care can be very overwhelming and confusing, but we love to share our opinion after vetting the products and bring SiddySays Favourites to you every month to help you quickly make a good decision.

We love trying out new and different beauty and skin care products and see what works because there are so many brands and companies out there, so it becomes a tad difficult to narrow down one effective product. Which is why SiddySays Favourites is a regular feature on our blog where we share our opinions on products and why we’re obsessing over them every month.

So here is a first of SiddySays Favourites, beauty and skin care products that we are loving in September.


I have dry and sensitive skin especially because I have rosacea, so Dr. Aman Ahmar of Cleo Clinical Care developed the Acne Zap cream for my skin type after I consulted her. So I have multiple skin care problems with the changing season and get affected from the sunlight to dusk and too much make up. So I even have acne now (more because of the mask that I wear due to Covid19). To counter all these problems, I have to apply the Acne Zap cream on my face everyday for 30 minutes and wash my face with a face wash that’s also been designed for my skin. My skin has gone through stages with too much acne and marks to zero acne in the past months, however Dr. Amna Ahmer’s products have been really helped me rejuvenate my skin.
– Amna Niazi

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.