Walnut Sessions

Pakistan has the potential to create something if given the right platform.  Realizing this, Walnut Studios provides this platform to the aspiring artists to utilize their facilities to create their own music!

What started off as a studio producing online covers, at a small scale, aspired to create a platform offering original content. Introducing Walnut Sessions – the initiative providing one of the few platforms encouraging originality which set to revolutionize the music industry. The Sessions aim to empower the artist by offering all the facilities required – the finest house bands, top notch music composers, talented lyricists, free of cost.

Talking about the music initiative taken by Walnut Media, Executive Producer,  Adnan Butt says: “Pakistan has so much potential, where young and budding artists are looking for the right platform to showcase their abilities. Walnut Sessions intends to cater to this particular group of artists who will be given the equipment, composers, lyricists and everything else that they may need to turn their conception into reality. I urge every aspiring musician to come participate in our Walnut sessions where we, together, can change the future of our music industry!”

It’s not your typical music show airing regular episodes with artists covering songs. In fact, Walnut Sessions will be releasing an original music video every weekend for the coming quarter, increasing it to two for the rest of the year. All the videos and songs released will be available on the top music platforms like SoundCloud, Youtube, and Spotify. This initiative has the widest distribution for an independent content platform on over 100 networks in more than 200 countries.

Working at such a pace is admirable and Walnut Studios aims to create enough content of quality to ease a potential transition into being a music label at some point in the future – hence attracting new artists.

Adnan pointed out that the “eventual objective is to create a platform that not only focuses on music but what art encapsulates: film, theatre, fashion.” They are also working on other campaign such as the upcoming Lahore Digitial Film Festival with jury members including Sameena Peerzaada, Mohsin Hamid, Meesha Shafi, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and Faran Tahir to name a few.

Walnut Sessions will definitely bring change to the music industry. Stay tuned as they bring fresh raw talent of Pakistan’s youth to the centre stage!