If you go to the gym, exercise outdoor or are into any kind of game know that you need a different skincare regime. Being exposed to an increased amount of dirt, sweat, and sun rays compared to an average person you need to build a strong skincare routine along with a strong core. Today we are tending to help create a skincare routine for all those strong women who sweat at workout sessions.

Mentioned below are the small steps you have to take initially to care for your skin which is followed by tips from mainstream athletes on how they manage their skincare well.


Before you start exercising whether at home or the gym first step should be to cleanse your face. If you are coming straight from work chances are you will be wearing makeup. Exercising with makeup on your skin is like leaving a breeding ground for bacteria. Remove all the makeup and wash your face as you start to work out.

Similarly, after a workout session, you will have sweet on your face and it is important to use a mild cleanser or plain water to get rid of it. Consider exercise as a mini facial which opens up your pores and the best time to cleanse these is right after a workout. You can use a facial wipe and keep it in your bag to make things easier.


After back to back cleaning or a work out session, your skin may feel dehydrated, itchy or tingly. Use of a soothing mist is a sure shot way to refresh your skin. After you cleanse spray some mist and finally apply a good moisturizer to lock moisture into your skin. Use of rose or lavender mist is refreshing and soothing altogether.


After a game in harsh temperatures or a workout session, your skin needs some pampering. Best time to moisturize is after your skin comes back to normal temperature post work out. Use of a moisturizer with antioxidants and vitamin E is recommended.


If you workout outdoors wearing sunblock is a must. Opt for an oil-free and noncomedogenic product to keep pimples at bay. This will help you ditch dark spots and look radiant.


Working out means lots of sweat. Your skin and body both need to be replenished post-workout. Keep a water bottle handy and remember its good to sip water during work out as well.

This is what one of the world’s famous athlete does for her skin…

Maria Sharapova

She is in habit of applying sunscreen soon after leaving the bed. Drinking a lot of water is a key part of her morning routine. She also advises keeping food simple. Generally, before a game, she would be eating some chicken and lots of green vegetables. Fresh fruit juices are her favorite drinks and she prefers one made with lemon and kiwi.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.