Not too long ago Facebook had a spree of ’10 Books Challenge’ where people posted names of top 10 of their favorite books and asked their friends to do so as well. We asked our very own Areesh Zubair, an ardent lover of Urdu literature to give us a challenge…. Although we are a bit late on it but we complied a themed edition of our 10 favorite books (theme being Urdu). Here is a short description of the books, presented in no particular order:

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Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
Ghalib is arguably the best Urdu poet of all time and among the top poets of any language. Dewan-e-Ghalib is a selection of his poetry, mostly Ghazals. Originals works of Ghalib were considered too complicated by his friends and he allowed a couple of his friends to make this selection which was published during Ghalib’s life time. If you are into poetry, you gotta love Ghalib and if you read Ghalib, you can never get enough of him.

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